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How can I argue my case: Hello, my grandmother is being sued by a contractor who was to remodel our basement bathroom and living space. The entire project was to cost around 18000 dollars. 1/3 was due before the project was started which was 5,000. Another payment would have been applied if the job was completed but the job wasn't complete. The contractors left old plumbing in while installing shower and toilet etc. unfortunately in the contract that my grandmother signed, the plumbing wasn't in the contract but my grandmother assumed and was made to believe that the remodeling of the bathroom included plumbing. After the contractor "finished" the bathroom he asked for the second payement in which my grandmother did not pay because she wasn't satisfied with the job. Is there anything I can do to argue my case even though the contract does not state it?

Asked about 15 hours ago in Contracts

Jon’s answer: Hello:

Is the contractor licensed? Were building permit obtained?

And yes, I agree to have counsel review.

Answered about 10 hours ago.

Can a NY state tenant change the lock and of a single family rental and not give copy to landlord? : My tenant without a reason change the locks of the apartment and not provided a copy. He leaves for long periods of time to another state and I don't have access to repair leaks, emergencies and town inspection.

Asked about 10 hours ago in Landlord & Tenant

Jon’s answer: Hello:

Assuming you do not have an emergency right now, this is a tenancy which should be terminated. I assume this is a non-rent regulated unit in a family home.

Consult with counsel, especially if you have a written lease agreement.

Answered about 10 hours ago.

Getting divorced / need to rent apt / should I be honest?: Hi,
I am in the process of getting separated (as a first step) and then eventually divorced. My husband and I co-own property in the Queens neighborhood we live in and I plan to live within a few blocks from here so he is able to see the children whenever he likes. My question is with regard to how open I should be to agents or landlords on the fact I am getting divorced. I hate to be dishonest, but I've already reached out to a few places, once they hear the word, all of a sudden, the owner wants just a couple or single person. Very disheartening as there is not much available in this area and I need to stay in budget. What else could I say in place of being divorced? My credit is great, no crimes and have a steady income. Thank you.

Asked 8 days ago in Divorce

Jon’s answer: Hello:

In addition to the above, and assuming your husband is on board with you moving out with the children:

1. If you are looking into a rent regulated apartment, this would not be an issue.

2. If you are looking to live in a non-rent regulated apartment - say an apartment in a private home. Is it a legal apartment? Probably not because the owner would be aware of the following:


And remember, with a non-rent regulated unit, you do not have a right of renewal so prepare for the possibility of moving.

Answered 4 days ago.