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Could I get in trouble for making a threat?: I pissed off because every day some telemarketer or scammer calls my mobile phone. I called them back but like every scammer number, it went straight to voice mail with robotic answering machine, and said I was "F'n tired of telemarketers and scammers calling my cellphone and I would get a gun and blow their brains out." Used the entire F-word+ing. I wasn't serious or anything but I was pissed off because everyday I get at least one telemarketer or scammer, and they're probably in another state. Could I get in trouble for leaving that type of message and if so, why?

Asked 12 days ago in Internet

Brian’s answer: It is possible, but unlikely since you would likely never be able to identify the person. Download the App Robo Killer. Supposedly it works to block and torment the callers.

Answered 12 days ago.

Dating scam. Still have one worry.. happened 11 days ago: I met a girl on okcupid said she was 26 we started talking she quickly changed to text then deleted her profile. Conversation quickly changed to sexual on her end then randomly sent me a half naked pic. I then send her one back and she said she was 17 WHILE my pic was in the process of being sent. Yes ik it’s stupid what I did. But then next day get a call from her “dad” saying police took his laptop wants me to pay 1300 using cashapp. I block the # then get a long text from a guy claiming to be a PI saying he wants both sides of the story before getting a warrant. I block his # change my #. I look online and others had the same thing happen with the same # so Ik it’s a scam I’m just worried I could still get in trouble even if the minor wasn’t real. Should I move on or take more action.

Asked 14 days ago in Internet

Brian’s answer: It is 100% a scam. Pay nothing. Cut off all communication. You will not get in trouble.

Answered 14 days ago.

How would I go about exposing this individual?: I've read the other comments and questions and I believe I am dealing with a scammer as well...he said he's a lawyer and that his client (Craig Williams) died in a car wreck March 2015 in the UK. Leaving behind a fortune and he's looking for his next of kin to hand it down to (me possibly being the next of kin) his email was very thorough and detailed. Rather convincing if I were gullible or easy to manipulate. But I'm a natural skeptic. So no luck there. Glad I found this info on your site

Asked about 1 month ago in Internet

Brian’s answer: It is a scam. Post it on a website that warns of scams. Like Mr. Jaffe said, pay nothing.

Answered about 1 month ago.