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I have a mortgage contract with 10 years remaining , the holder of the mortgage (my dad) died? Do I need to pay in full?: 10 years left on Mortgage Contract,
Mortgage Holder Dies,
Will includes mortgage.
Can't I still make monthly payments ? Instead of pay in full?
My mortgage is 15 years old.
The will was completed 1 year ago.

Asked 5 days ago in Foreclosure

Oladeji’s answer: The payment of of mortgage is dependent on the terms of the mortgage contract not the will. The death of the mortgage holder does not change the terms of the mortgage.

Answered 5 days ago.

Can I petition for someone who is in the United States on a G visa, me being an American Citizen?: I am an American Citizen and my sister and her family are living in the United States legally on G visas. Can I petition for them while they live in the United States to adjust their status to permanent residents of the United States.?

Asked 5 days ago in Immigration

Oladeji’s answer: Yes you can petition for your sister however the current wait time is 12 years at the minimum for there priority date to become current as such they will only be able to adjust status when there priority date become current and they are still in valid legal status in the US.

Answered 5 days ago.

Another condo owner rented their parking space to me. Could they have it back without advance notice?: I live in a condo in Brooklyn, NY. Another condo owner on the floor above me is renting their parking space to me and I pay on a monthly basis. We did not have a contract in place. The owner asked me at 9:25pm to find alternative parking starting tomorrow. She has promised the parking space to her tenants. Could she ask for the parking space back without advance notice? I already paid for the month of July.

Asked 10 days ago in Residential Real Estate

Oladeji’s answer: If you have paid for the month of July then you are entitled to the use for the month of July.

Since your agreement is on a monthly basis you are entitle to advance notice of the termination of the agreement.

Answered 10 days ago.