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Been in foreclosure for over 7 years. What should i do?: Mortgage in deceased name. My name is on the deed. Been in foreclose since 2009.
Appeared in court in 2013 for Rji,
judge: "return to Cc pending Rji"
Just checked statues and atty is inactive with inactive date of 2014. What does this, mean if anything?

Asked about 1 year ago in Foreclosure

Naomi’s answer: It's very possible the statute of limitations expired. If the case is no longer active you should consult with an attorney to determine the best course of action.

Answered about 1 year ago.

Can someone explain to me what just happened in the foreclosure settlement conference?: My case has been in the courts for a number of years. There is no judgment in the case. We were in the settlement conference stage and we needed more time to provide the necessary financial documents. We requested more time to provide the necessary financial documents to the bank. The Plaintiff(bank) did not object. The Judge screamed that this case has been on her calendar for years, refused to grant the adjournment, said that the case is disposed and said to the Plaintiff(bank) "Do what you want". I'm scared. Does this mean the bank can now file for Judgment? Can I get the conference reinstated?

Asked over 1 year ago in Foreclosure

Naomi’s answer: If you are looking to stay in your home, which based on the facts presented it appears you are, you should seek legal assistance to help you put a package together to submit it for review with the loan servicer. If you have already done that and have been denied, it is very important to know why you were denied and whether the bank properly reviewed you. I think the important thing is for you to understand the process and how foreclosure in New York works so that you can make appropriate decision.

Answered about 1 year ago.

If I leave does that make me lose any rights of my child? Would it be considered abandoning the child? Could I go for custody?: Basically my girlfriend told me to move out. Lease expires in September. We have a child and we are not married. I am on the birth certificate. So I'm entitled to 50/50 visitations. I want my child in my life as much as possible, but I'm worried about just leaving. It's getting pretty miserable living here but I won't leave if I can help it.

Asked over 1 year ago in Child Custody

Naomi’s answer: Once you move out, you should file for joint custody and visitation. You should protect yourself by having a court order of custody setting forth your rights to see the child and participate in this your child's life. I highly recommend that you consult with an attorney to discuss this in detail.

Answered over 1 year ago.