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Is there any case for this situation?: Two months ago I gave birth to a healthy baby boy but while I was in the hospital I immediately noticed a rash on my back and back side. I couldn't even lay on my back to night I gave birth. So the nurses put hydrocortisone and it didn't help so they started putting burn cream and it seemed to relieve the pain. Everyone was very confused because I was the 5th person on the same week that got the same rash so the hospital paid for me to see a dermatologist the night I was discharged. The cream the doctor gave was a stronger hydrocortisone and more burn cream. My rash continued to get worse and traveled down my leg. Until 3 weeks after I gave birth then the rash started fading but still get super dry itchy skin. I gave birth in October but I have heard of a woman that delivered 2 months before me complaining she received a similar rash but doctors said hers was from laying on her back too long after c section so who knows exactly how many others have been through the torture of the rash!

Asked over 1 year ago in Birth Injury

John’s answer: I do not believe your injury (damages) would be enough to sustain a viable medical malpractice law suit, even assuming negligence. But you can always get a free consultation from a medical malpractice lawyer in your area.

Answered over 1 year ago.

Do I have a chance to get some kind of settlement from this wreck? Mental anguish or something like that, or is it too late for: I purchased a 2006 GMC envoy on Sept 12,2015. The next day, I was involved n a wreck with EBR parish cop. They have paid for the repairs (almost $2300.00) I requested also an additional replacement, which they approved. The check states "this serves to resolve this claim in full". Because of that, I haven't cashed it yet. I suffer with severe neck and shoulder pain and migraine headaches. I am in pain management now and have been for several years. I am in the process of applying for disability. We did not go to the hospital. I have emailed the adjuster requesting to settle the claim completely. She has said she thought it was settled. My complaint is the fact that one day sooner, had this been a wrecked vehicle, we never would have bought it. Now we're stuck with a wrecked vehicle. All of the inconvenience and aggravation of getting estimates, rental cars, etc. I want something for that. (Upon the 1st repairs made the adjuster said we needed to sign a paper for that, I told her I didn't want to sign away any chance of pain and suffering or anything like that, she informed me on the phone that it was for property damage only).

Asked over 1 year ago in Car Accident

John’s answer: Before you do anything with that check, get a free consultation from a personal injury lawyer in your area. You can use the Avvo "find a lawyer" tool at the top of this site.

Answered over 1 year ago.

Can I sue? or should I just suck it up?: I was seen by 4 or 5 different doctors who suggested they knew what the problem was that I was having, but never did anything beyond a simple test which always came back inconclusive. It took me moving to another state to be referred to a dermatologist to get the answers I was seeking. Is it possible to sue the doctors/hospital for the incorrect diagnosis that turned out to be more life-altering than I expected, or is that just a waste of time? What I have isn't curable, it's lifelong. Had I been given the answers they could have provided, my medical issues wouldn't be as bad as they are. Or, should I just forget about all of this & just hope I never have to be seen there again for anything?

Asked almost 2 years ago in Medical Malpractice

John’s answer: You have not supplied enough information for a lawyer to adequately answer your question. You should contact a medical malpractice lawyer in your area for a free consultation.

Answered almost 2 years ago.