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Can I sue for personal injury : Last week I fell down the stairs to my apartment and severely injured my ankle, had surgery and am now unable to work for at least 3 months (I'm a waitress) would my landlord be liable for personal injury or payment from homeowners insurance

Asked 3 days ago in Slip and Fall

Anthony’s answer: That depends on whether there was some type of dangerous condition that caused you to fall, whether that is a broken step, missing handrail or something else. Quite often an expert engineer can be used in this type of scenario to further investigate the issue of liability. You would be best served contacting a local personal injury lawyer for a free consultation. Good luck!

Answered 3 days ago.

What is notice on a trip and fall for a sidewalk that borders a contruction site in nyc??: Trip and fall and trying to eduate myself on important issues regarding my case-Thank you

Asked 23 days ago in Personal Injury

Anthony’s answer: Notice is the concept that a party who is responsible to keep the sidewalk safe was aware of the unsafe condition and did nothing to repair it; or that the should have been aware if they had conducted reasonable inspections of their property. One way to get around notice would be if contractors or someone else on behalf of the owner created the dangerous condition through the course of their construction or otherwise.

There is more to it obviously. Speak to your lawyer if you have one. Good luck.

Answered 22 days ago.

Do I have a lawsuit against Walmart?: On July 2 , I slipped in Walmart. There was a spill on the floor. I took pictures. It took the manager 30 minutes to come to me after he was.notified. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital. I had a laceration which required stitches and the fall flared up a pre existing injury I had to my ankle. My ankle had been swollen since,, Curious if It's worth pursuing a lawsuit? Thank you

Asked 22 days ago in Slip and Fall

Anthony’s answer: The case will depend on whether Walmart knew or should have known about the spill on the floor prior to your fall. You must prove this type of "notice" in order to successfully bring a claim.

You are able to recover for an aggravation of a pre-existing condition, but whether to pursue a case depends on the extent of the aggravation (ie. does it require additional treatment, surgery, etc.) along with the notice issue I laid out above.

Best of luck.

Answered 22 days ago.