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Does denertive disc disease make my disc herniations a hard pinjury case to win,since my mri has no protrusion 2 yrs before injy: Had an injury 2-16-16 and was diagnosed with DDD 3 years before my MRI scan of 1-2 14 has no focal protrusions and my orthopedic MD evaluation said new injury due to trauma and aggrevation of existing condition. Please evaluate

Asked 7 months ago in Slip and Fall

James’s answer: Depends on what you mean by "win" your case. If you have a good liability case, they will make a settlement offer as even if your injuries are mere aggravations- they have value. Settlement value would depend on lots of variables: the amount of treatment, need for surgery etc.

Answered 7 months ago.

What are my options in this situation, is there any claims I can make against the parking lot management company?: I tripped and took a very bad fall on December 16, 2016. I actually tripped over a parking sign the parking lot next to my building had put out on the sidewalk. It was dark around 7:00pm the sign had two mental rods sticking out at the bottom, which I didn't see and tripped over. As a result of the fall I have sustained numerous injuries first I have a broken front tooth and my four front teeth have become displaced and loose and need to be replaced with implants and crowns. My face is badly bruised and have scarred, My knees are also bruised and I am in constant pain. I have gone to the dentist and they gave me an estimate of $8500 to have my teeth fixed. I contacted the parking lot management company showed them pictures of my injuries and sent them the bill from my dentist however they have not yet gotten back to me. There is also surveillance video of the entire incident showing exactly what happened as well as I have come to know that the sign they put out on the sidewalk was not supposed to be there they had been warned and ticketed by the police on two previous occasions.

Asked 7 months ago in Slip and Fall

James’s answer: You should be able to find a lawyer to take this case. You would argue that the sign was placed in a dangerous area and, with the insufficient lighting, was not readily visible and constituted a dangerous condition on the property. It is likely that the owner's insurance company would make a settlement offer if your demands are reasonable.

Answered 7 months ago.

My mother hit a pedestrian.: My mother hit a pedestrian. The police investigation backs up her statement that the minor jumped out in the street during horse play with a group of friends. He was hit while running in between two parked cars about 300 or so feet from a crosswalk. The attorney for the family has filed both a no fault and a BI suit against her. I'm not sure what the suit amount is yet but I'm sure it was sizable. Her insurance company informed her that both suits may exceed her coverage, and that she'd be responsible for anything over that, should they win. They also said that their preliminary investigation put her at 0-15 liability. I'm assuming that's 0 to 15% but I'm really not sure.

Also when the data was pulled from her car and cell phone records, she was found to be within the speed limit and was not talking on the phone or texting. She now upset and is convinced they're going to take her house away. I'm thinking she should get some legal advice and then hire a lawyer if and when they BI goes to trial. Its my understanding that the BI suit will require a preponderance of evidence. I'm no lawyer so any and all advice is most welcome.

Asked 8 months ago in Car Accident

James’s answer: what is the limit of your mother's insurance coverage? What are the extent of the injuries? Based on these facts, it is a tough case for the plaintiff. Plaintiff is likely to settle within the policy limits.

Answered 8 months ago.