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What can we do about finding a bloody bandaid in a pizza: We found a bloody used bandaid in our pizza today.. 3 adults and one child ate tits pizza and didn't notice until after we ate... we have pictures and a video of showing the bandaid in the pizza and how it looked cooked in with it...

Asked 6 days ago in Lawsuits & Disputes

Richard’s answer: Odds are if it was cooked into the pizza any contagions were killed in the process. I'm not sure you have any damages worth pursuing a lawsuit. You should alert the pizzeria so they can notify their insurance carrier in case a claim can be proven.

Answered 1 minute ago.

Will USCIS think I lied on the petition?: I filed i-751 around a year ago. A couple of months ago I was arrested but the case was dismissed.
So the arrest wasn't reported to USCIS. A little bit ago I got the i-797c letter saying:

The notice informs you that USCIS will run the same security checks and use your biometrics data as in the past.

Does it mean they find out about the arrest and are running security background check on me?
How long will it take? Should I wait for an RFE anytime soon?

Asked 6 days ago in Criminal Defense

Richard’s answer: It sounds like you are already aware that you have a continuing obligation to let them know if there are any changes in the status of your application. You should hire an immigration lawyer immediately and discuss the best way of mitigating any damage caused by your failure to report your arrest. I am changing the topic to immigration for you.

Answered 4 minutes ago.

What are the consequences of marrying a sex offender in ny?: I am engaged to a convicted level 3 violent sex offender. His offense was not against a child and does not have the stipulation about being around children and is off parole. We want to get married but we do not know what effect this will have on me and my children. Will he be required to list my address even if we aren't living together, will I face anything legally, we are working with the court to have the level reduced in the mean time since the charge does not fit the crime.

Asked about 20 hours ago in Sex Crime

Richard’s answer: You wouldn't face anything criminally, however, you could possibly face a challenge to your current custody situation. What effect it has on your fiance' depends on what conditions remain if any for him.

Answered about 1 hour ago.