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I want to become a foster parent. I was arrested in 2015 in Florida.: I want to become a foster parent and I am finally in a position to do so. Except: in 2015 I was arrested in Florida while going thru a nasty divorce. The end of the case is I plead no solo to battery (lesser). Adjudication was with held. I was to serve 12 months probation and go to anger management. All was completed in 6 months and I was released from probation early. I moved back to NJ during the 4th month of probation. I currently reside in NJ.

Asked 2 months ago in Criminal Defense

Bohdan’s answer: Well, put your name in, and explain the details.

Answered 2 months ago.

How long should it take a lawyer to file all the proper motions before the court in my behalf..for custody case?: Full divorce decree signed by NJ judge in 2012. My ex wife and I have no custody or support case.We been working it out.Son is 9 and one day she denies me access to him. Last time I seen my 9yr old son was feb 2017. I hired a lawyer got his money to him..and I dont hear much from him on my case. i always have to call the office leave a message..and if he calls we are covering the same topics and questions we did the call before. So should i head to the court room and file my own papers? Or wait on "my lawyer" ?

Asked 2 months ago in Child Custody

Bohdan’s answer: A lawyer is like any other contractor: what are you getting for your money. If you think you're getting less than what you are paying for, you need to talk to your attorney. You are entitled to an itemized bill, I understand it may be uncomfortable but you are entitled to get a complete picture, like replacing the brakes on your car, or repairing your kitchen sink.

Answered 2 months ago.

Child Custody: Im a divorced father of a 14 soon to be 15 year old boy. My ex and I have joint custody but she has physical custody. My ex and I get along well as can be expected for a divorced couple. My son has made it know to me and my ex that he would rather live with me. I ask him why and he doesnt really give me a reason other then he just wants to. My ex wife is a good mother to our child. My question is would a judge take in consideration where a almost 15 year old would like to spend his night. My ex and I live in the same town so he wouldnt be changing schools or anything like that.


Asked 3 months ago in Child Custody

Bohdan’s answer: Before going to Court, consider talking to your ex about a transfer of custody. It's likely that if your son mentioned it to you he mentioned it to his mom. You may be able to work out a new arrangement just between the two of you; a family mediator may also be helpful in drafting a new custody and parenting time agreement and recalculating child support (if applicable). If you have to go to Court, I agree that your 15-year-old son's preferences will be considered favorably to you, but it may cause resentment between you and your ex, and undermine the tacit truce the two of you are enjoying.

Answered 3 months ago.