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How do you add something to my bankruptcy that your lawyer forgot to do once the bankruptcy has been disposed of: Some paperwork was submitted to my lawyer that was able to be filed with the original bankruptcy and he did not do it how do I correct this matter

Asked 3 months ago in Bankruptcy

Marvin’s answer: If it was an accidently omitted debt in a no-asset case, the case usually does not have to be reopened to discharge the debt. Anything else would require a consult with a bankruptcy lawyer.

Answered 3 months ago.

Does a lawyer have the right to refuse to answer my letter and insist on communicating only by phone?: Before I hired my lawyer all our communications were by email. Two months after I hired him he wrote that he wanted to discuss a matter on the phone. I wrote back saying I want to do it by email and gave several reasons why; six weeks have passed since then and he has not answered my letter.

Asked 3 months ago in Telecommunications

Marvin’s answer: The attorney may want to discuss something sensitive and not want to create a paper trail. E-mail is not hack-proof. That may be why he ignored emails you sent. The only way to find out is to call him.

Answered 3 months ago.

License suspended in NJ for 10 yrs due to DUI & I move to PA. PA system is 2 or 3 yr suspension for when can I drive in PA : see above question - live in Hackettstown NJ but plan to move to Easton or Wind Gap PA. If length ot license suspension differs between the states for the same offense which governs.

Asked 3 months ago in Licensing

Marvin’s answer: If you think about it, you will quickly understand that a judgment of one state does not change just because you change states. 2 different systems. Otherwise everyone would move.

Answered 3 months ago.