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Filing divorce?: Filing for divorce. Can I go to a divorce center and file for divorce plus child support? Rather then hiring a lawyer and avoid high expenses

Asked about 2 months ago in Divorce

Cassandra’s answer: Of course you can. But you pay for what you get. Lawyers know the nuance of getting a divorce and while they try to be fair, a lawyer you hire will represent your interest and ensure that you get all of what you are entitled to get.

Answered about 2 months ago.

Can u file a case on terms of emotional abuse by inlaws and husband?: Hi, I am married for 4 months now and my inlaws are giving me hard time in all possible ways. They taunt me all day long about not getting pregnant after 4 months of marraige, do not let me go see my family. My husband doesn't listen to me at all and whenever there is a fight, he insults me, abuse me verbally and asks me to leave his house. They also force me to quit my job. They make me work like a servant in the house. They all threaten me with divorce and as per indian culture this is not something I want to do. What are my rights in the state of New Jersey?

Asked 2 months ago in Divorce

Cassandra’s answer: These are classic signs of domestic abuse. You will need to make a decision. If Indian culture is the most important thing in your life, then you must live with the consequences .. .the life you are currently living. If your self-esteem and self-respect are more important, you can seek help. The variety of rights that you have are many, so you need to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. The problem with domestic violence is that the small acts of unkindness tend to become more aggressive becoming actual violence.

Answered 2 months ago.

How long does it typically take to be "Served" once a divorce petition is filed?: What is the process, especially for being "served" if there are two states involved -- filed in one and I'm in the other. The only way I found out was by a soliciting letter from a third party law office. Does it make a difference that it was filed in a state I am not in (and would eventually not have jurisdiction in)

Asked 3 months ago in Divorce

Cassandra’s answer: Not usually. A person can file in the jurisdiction where they live, or in the jurisdiction where the other party lives. You must answer in the jurisdiction where the action was filed.

Answered 3 months ago.