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Who can I turn to when the police aren't of any help in preventing someone from habitually stalking me?: I minimally believe anything is ever going to be done about the crime of stalking in my life. I honestly feel the only answer is to hire a private investigator so then the police will see the reality of a situation. The only proof I currently have is a can w/ the individual's prints on it, he leaves all kinds of stuff in my yard, at my car... everywhere I go to constantly remind me he's around- like I'd ever have to wonder. To me if an individual is harassed/stalked 24/7 the police should have to take action; they could at least lift the prints. The immature behavior of this individual (who by the way is in his forties) is clique related. I don't have his current address but it shouldn't mean the police are free to do nothing. Unfortunately hiring a PI isn't something I can afford.

Asked over 2 years ago in Domestic Violence

Marc’s answer: If the person is putting you in fear of personal harm you can try to get a harassment prevention order (which are restraining orders to keep individuals who you never had a dating relationship with away from you). If this stalker is a former boyfriend/girlfriend you can apply for an abuse prevention order which is very similar but usually easier to get but again it is only for family members or people you had a substantial dating relationship with, (dated for months, have a child in common, or lived together). Whichever order you seek that will be through your local district court, not the police. The clerk's office will give you the paperwork to fill out and then you need to go before the judge.

On a practical note, digital cameras/ IP Cameras/Web Cameras are very inexpensive these days so if if he/she is coming to your home leaving things outside, leave a camera running. That evidence would certainly help you.

Best of luck to you. Be safe.

Answered over 2 years ago.

Do I need legal representation for a hearing that my ex-husband has filed to decrease his child support payment.: My ex has filed for a decrease in child support based on not being able to meet his basic living expenses. I have full physical custody of our daughter and joint legal custody. I pay for all child care and medical insurance. He is unwilling to change jobs or seek additional employment to meet the needs of our 4 year old daughter. I have a lawyer to seek back support with contempt charges, but really can't afford a lawyer all the time. Is it safe for me to attend the hearing he has filed for without representation?

Asked about 4 years ago in Child Support

Marc’s answer: I would need more information from you to properly answer the question. With that said, my biggest piece of advice is that you should discuss this with the attorney you now have. If you already have an attorney you should raise it with him/her. I am assuming you trust your attorney and his/her advice, (if you don't get a new lawyer). The rest of the answer is practical. If you can't afford an attorney then you don't have any choice. If you can't pay for the attorney you can't have one. If you can afford one, it may be worth it though if he/she is able to help you keep the child support order higher than it would be without him/her. Without knowing more I cannot tell you the odds that an attorney would be able to help you. Again, you should consult with your current attorney.

Answered about 4 years ago.

After my claim becomes eligible with victim compensation what happens next?: my claim just became eligible for victim compensation he stalked me, caused back problems from abuse had to go to physical therapy and after he pinned me to bed by my neck and sat on me caused me to miscarry our unborn child.. my insurance covered my bills though.. Im also in counseling for this he even addressed me even though I have a 209 a on him.. what can I expect now?

Asked about 4 years ago in Civil Rights

Marc’s answer: Assuming your talking about victim's compensation in relation to case that was prosecuted by the Attorney General's Office or your local District Attorney, you should contact a victim/witness advocate for information regarding victim's compensation. If you want further information you can also ready the information contained on the A.G.'s website here:

Best of luck to you.

Answered about 4 years ago.