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My friend is stuck in the Dominican Republic without a passport she's a regular American citizen what can I do to help her : I have a friend who's detained in the Dominican Republic because she lost her passport what's the fastest way to get her back with whom do I need to talk to and what do I need to do please let me know I have not had contact with her for a while so I do not know her exact situation

Asked about 20 hours ago in Immigration

Paul’s answer: As my colleagues have said she should contact the U.S. embassy there. It is located at: Av. República de Colombia 57, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and can be reached by phone on: +1 809-567-7775

Answered about 13 hours ago.

I don't understand this question "Did you enter the United States with an immigrant visa?": I'm filling up a form to renew my green card

Asked 7 days ago in Immigration

Paul’s answer: How did you come to the U.S.? On what type of visa? I would review the instructions and if you still cannot find the answer I would recommend talking with an immigration attorney about your case.

Answered 6 days ago.

I am a green card holder I want to know how long is can take to sponsor my husband who is in canada.: My husband is a perm ant resident of Canada and we did our wedding in canada

Asked 9 days ago in Immigration

Paul’s answer: The processing times are listed each month in the visa bulletin which is available here: http://hannafordimmigration.com/visa-bulletin. It changes month to month, you would be looking at category F2A and as of next month, they are processing cases that were received by USCIS on 08/15/15. I would recommend working with an attorney so they can help you file the best case possible.

Answered 9 days ago.