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Anne Lopiano’s Legal Guides

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  • Use the Maryland Uniform Transfers to Minors Act to Provide Life Insurance Proceeds For Children

    The Maryland Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (MUTMA) is a statute in the laws of Maryland which (among other purposes) enables parents to designate their minor children as death beneficiaries either under a Will, or a death beneficiaries of financial accounts or of life insura...

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    Intro (continued) law in any state, regarding the liability of volunteers for nonprofits, unless a State law provides a better protection for the volunteer. Under the federal law, volunteer director

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  • Renunciations & Disclaimers

    RENUNCIATION AND DISCLAIMERS 1. Renunciations seem to have mostly disappeared from the Maryland E whereas the federal disclaimer statute at IRC? 2518 does contain a 9 month deadline for the execution of a "qualified disclaimer." 2) IRC? 2518 disclaimer provisions, being ...

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  • Handling Claims Against an Estate

    I. INITIATING THE PROBATE PROCESS E. HANDLING CLAIMS AGAINST THE ESTATE 2. Determine whether any asserted debts are not truly legally owed; 3. Determine whether the estate is solvent (can pay all specific bequests and all debts and necessary expenses of administration) 4. ...

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  • Ethics for Administering Probate Estates in Maryland

    ETHICS IN PROBATE PRACTICE By Anne Debelius LoPiano, Esq. GETTING PAID -- EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Q. When Can You Take Your Fee? From What Funds? What Approval Do You Need? and What Trouble Will You Be In If You Don't Follow the Rules? Answer: This subject is controlled by three...

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