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  • Is it normal, even after hiring a disability lawyer, for it to take up to 2 years before even being assigned a judge?

    My husband hired a disability lawyer in 2014 and we are still waiting for a judge to be assigned to his case to make the decision as to whether he will get disability benefits or not? This just seems to us like its taking way too long. We had figu...

    Andrew’s Answer

    Hiring a lawyer does not reduce the wait for a hearing. The number of pending applications is very high - and many people are facing delays similar to yours.

    You have made the right decision in hiring an attorney. A well prepared attorney will is invaluable to your case - worse than waiting two years for a hearing is waiting two years and not being prepared for the hearing.

    If you are facing the loss of your home, talk with your attorney and see if your circumstances may allow him/her to request an expedited hearing.

    Good luck to you and I wish you well.

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  • Disability denied me twice but doctor States I'm unable to work for over a year. What should I do?

    I have applied for disability because of my bipolar and my ptsd and post pardum and i got denied twice. My doctor recommends that I stay out of work for 12+ months as i am not stable enough to go back to work because I am undergoing medication cha...

    Andrew’s Answer

    I agree with Attorney Madore.

    You should contact a local disability attorney as soon as possible. It is good news that your doctor is supportive of your application for benefits. If your doctor is willing to author a medical opinion letter or, perhaps, testify on your behalf - that would likely be beneficial to you.

    Keep pushing forward for your daughter - I wish you well!

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  • Do I have a chance to qualify for ssd?

    I survived an abusive marriage, and am unable to continue to teach because of PTSD. I am under weekly doctors care. I cannot go out of my home without my husband with out getting physically ill even to a friends house.

    Andrew’s Answer

    I am very sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing.

    As with most cases, it will be in your best interest to speak with a local attorney about your case - too much personal information is needed to properly address your questions in this forum.

    Some of the factors that will be considered - your age, education (at least college it seems), your past work (teaching and other work you have done) and the limits that result from your severe medical conditions. You must also demonstrate, through medical evidence, that you have been disabled for twelve months or it is likely that you are not working now and will be disabled for at least twelve months. The type of treatment you have received, are receiving and medications that you take (and side effects, if any) will also be considered.

    I encourage you to speak with a local disability attorney as soon as possible. I hope that this was helpful and I do wish you well.

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  • Do i qualify for disability and should i hire an attorney?

    I have had a herniated disc in my lower back since 2010. I have random flair ups through out the year that come without warning. It can be cause be bending, twisting, walking or being on my feet too much and even sleeping on my sides. my flair ups...

    Andrew’s Answer

    I agree with Attorney Pham.

    You should consult with a local attorney concerning your potential application for benefits. There are a number of factors that will be examined and considered in your case, including your age, education, the type of work you have done in the past as well as your sever medical conditions and the limitations that are caused by these conditions (as well as side effects from medications, etc.).

    Again, take the time to locate a local attorney who is experienced in the Social Security disability law -and seek a consultation.

    Good luck to you and I wish you well!

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  • How will my social security disability backpay be broken down? Details inside

    Ok my SSD case hearing was on 3-1-2016 i got the approval letter on 3-7-2016. I was denied the first 2 times and i had the hearing. My onset date is 6-21-2014 and my disability payments according to online on the social security website is $928 pe...

    Andrew’s Answer

    I agree with Attorney Kellman and Attorney Sinclair. You should discuss this matter with your attorney. As Attorney Kellman outlined, there are a number of factors that will determine when you begin to receive your monthly benefits and any retroactive payment.

    Congratulations on the successful outcome!

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  • I've been working partial days and missing full days since my pregnancy disability began months ago, what onset date do I use?

    I became partially disabled during pregnancy back in December 2015. My doctor requested that I ask my HR and manager for a work from home option (allowed by my company) but he denied it. I then spoke again with HR because it was not a valid reas...

    Andrew’s Answer

    I agree with Attorney Kellman - you should consult with a local attorney. In addition to answering your questions concerning the appropriate onset date, you should discuss the other aspects of a claim - including the twelve month duration requirement and your inability to do any type of work that you may be qualified to perform.

    I hope that you are able to speak with an attorney soon and I wish you well!

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  • How can you prove you disable when you can afford a specialist for your illness no money no insurance

    I am disable and can't get the gastro doctor I need cAuse I don't work

    Andrew’s Answer

    This is a difficult issue that faces many of our clients. Securing the necessary medical evidence in your case is vital to your case. Have you attempted to secure public health insurance? You may also want to investigate low cost or no-cost clinics in your area. Some churches also have information on securing low or no-cost health care.

    It may also be helpful to seek a consultation with an experienced attorney in your area. Often, local attorneys will have information on low or no-cost health care providers.

    I am sorry that you are experiencing difficulty in finding appropriate health care. I wish you well!

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  • Would it help me or hurt me to change attorneys?

    I applied for disability & was denied, , I filed for an appeal no word on when that will be, my attorney said not till December 2016 I haven't been able to work for awhile, can I expedite the hearing ??

    Andrew’s Answer

    While there are limited circumstances where you can request an expedited hearing (terminal illness, eviction, etc) - your choice of attorney does not impact the initial scheduling if your hearing.

    If you have questions - talk with your attorney about options.

    Good luck to you and I wish you well!

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  • Does my son have a case for SSI and should I get an attorney.

    My son is 8 he is diagnosed with ADHD Autism OCD Turrets and sensory processing disorder. I had applied for SSI a few years ago and was denied. Since then we have gotten further test done. That lead to the current diagnosis. I applied again for SS...

    Andrew’s Answer

    From the information you have provided, It seems like contacting an experienced Social Security disability attorney would be helpful to you. You may need additional information from your son's care providers and/or additional information from his teachers (depending on his age). An experienced attorney will be able to give you helpful suggestions.

    Good luck and I wish you and your son well.

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  • Is there more benefit in using a local SSDI atty or one who has a lot of experience with my condition but located out of state?

    I am about to apply for SSDI. After extensive research, I've narrowed my options down to three attorneys, one of whom specializes in my particular disease.

    Andrew’s Answer

    Congratulations on doing the necessary research. While it is great to have an attorney who specializes in your particular medical impairment, there are certainly advantages to using a local attorney. First, consider the type of access you wish to have with your attorney - meet in person v. telephine conferences. You will also want to make sure that, if you retain the "out of town attorney" - that he/she will attend your hearing - some hire a local attorney to appear at your hearing. You should also consider the experience the attorney you choose has with the hearing office and the judges in your area.

    Again, it sounds like you are taking proactive steps in researching your options - always a great idea!

    Good luck in making your informed choice and I wish you well.

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