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Richard H. Foley, Jr.

Richard Foley, Jr.’s Legal Guides

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  • Choosing the Right Legal Entity for Your Business

    Whether you are starting a new business or running an existing business, it is important to select the proper legal entity for your business operations.This article looks at four standard legal structures that might be selected for various business operations. There are four basi...

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  • Ten Ways to Help Someone Who has Lost a Loved One

    Talking to someone who has lost close family member can be difficult, awkward, and stressful.The fear of seeming insensitive or patronizing can result in a loss for words.Here is a list of 10 things that you can do for someone who has suffered a loss of a loved one. 1. Say you ...

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  • Should You Share the Details of Your Estate Plan with Your Children and Family Mmembers?

    Keeping your estate plan secret is a thing of the past. Holly-wood loves to portray the drama of the reading of the will, where the wealthy patriarch or matriarch has died and the family members gather in the lawyers office to find out how much money they get. This gathering is...

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  • The Living Trust: A Super Power of Attorney

    A living trust is like a power of attorney on steroids. The trust agreement will transfer control of your financial affairs to your successor trustees in a more efficient manner than a durable power of attorney, and it will give your trustee greater control to manage assets. A li...

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  • Giving Away the "Stuff:" The Memorandum of Personal Property and Other Tips

    Perhaps the most common source of disputes among the heirs during an estate administration relates to the distribution of personal property. Often, inconsequential personal items become the focus ofdeep frustration, anger, jealousy, or friction. It isnt that the property has subs...

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