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Jimmy Earl White

About Jimmy White

About me

After more than a decade in the United States Army I made the decision to leave the military and pursue a new career in the law.  I completed my undergraduate work at the University of Alaska Anchorage and traveled with my wife and two small children to Macon, Georgia.  I graduated cum laude from Merrcer University's Walter F. George School of Law in 1999. 

Following my graduation from Mercer, I accepted a position with a top national firm in their Atlanta office, focusing on product liability and complex commercial litigation.  Over the course of five years at this firm I represented pharmaceutical manufacturers, contruction product manufacturers, and commercial enterprises involved in high stakes litigation. I represented these clients from the initial pleadings, through the discovery process, the hearing process, the mediation process, and the trial process.  During this period I learned how to properly evaluate cases and advise clients about the strengths of their case and the risks associated with their litigation.  I learned to handle matters efficiently and to pursue the client's goals by involving the client in each important decision, working with the other attorneys in the case when possible, and ardently and aggressively opposing those attorneys when my clients' needs demanded it.

For the full five years in Atlanta I also volunteered 200-300 hours per year with the Atlanta Family Court as a Guardian Ad Litem, representing the best interests of the child in divorces and other custody disputes.

In 2004 we returned to Alaska, where we had spent significant time over the past  20 years enjoying the outdoors and the smaller community.  I soon was accepted into ownership of one of the oldest firms in the state, focusing my practice on insurance defense work for Alaskans, commercial litigation, and the expansion of my family law practice.  In this practice I have spent much more time working with individuals, rather than large institutional clients and I have found my sensitivity to my clients' needs - expressed and unexpressed - has helped me provide effective and valued service to those individuals who placed their faith in me.