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Keller W. Allen

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  • Can my supervisor tell me who I can date outside of work?

    We work at the same facility. i am not her supervisor nor will I be. There is no specific policy with regards to this at my work place and there are many other people who are dating or even married in my facility.

    Keller’s Answer

    State laws can vary on this issue, and the most reliable way for you to get an answer to this question is to call your state human rights agency to find a specific answer. Generally speaking, there needs to be a job-related reason for employers to make these kinds of rules. Usually, this comes up in the context of a supervisor supervising a subordinate employee he/she is dating. Doesn't make sense that your employer would want to restrict dating in the scenario you describe and let others do the same, so see if you can find out why that is the case and bring some more facts forward.

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