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  • Dui help

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    Hi my name is Steve and I made a serious mistake and chose to drink and drive.
    I first met Dallas, I was in terrible emotion shape but Dallas was so professional and actually cared about my well being that I was completely blown away.
    He made me feel like I was NOT a loser and that I was in good hands and that he could help me fix the mistake I had made.
    Yes I was reluctant to believe but. Dallas saved my Drivers License.
    I can not even begin so say what an impact this did for me!
    I was able to keep my Job and continue to drive.
    Dallas saved me on the State part of a Dui and then he introduced me to one of the finest ladies I have ever met for the civil part of the incident .
    This lady's name is Jennifer Fassbender. Jennifer also treated me with complete professionalism and respect. Her approach made me feel like she truly cared. I did commit a very serious violation to the great people of Spokane and the State of Washington but she helped me get through this tragedy with hope and a better understanding of what I had done.
    The court system made me jump through a lot of hoops that are law I.E. The blower thing in the car and stuff like but she professionally protected me.
    Next because of this Dui stuff my wife said she wanted a divorce. I do not agree with my wife's decision but Jennifer suggested Julia Pelk she was equally awesome.
    Julia and her associate were so again professional and I did not even have to appear in court. Thay handled everything.
    Cooney Law office is staffed with the most professional quality staff I have ever met.
    if you want to be treated with respect and recieve the best care a law firm can give please see Coonet Law. it is second to none.

    Hired attorney
  • Best possible result from a second DUI charge.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    When I recieved my DUI charge the first person I contacted was Dallas Cooney and because of the severity of my charge (2nd strike) Dallas took the case personally. Boy was it worth it to have Dallas and his team on the case. I was facing certain jail time and years of restrictions if not a complete loss of driving priviledges. It was very serious but Dallas managed to take what looked like an open and shut DUI case for the prosecution and have my ticket reduced to a Reckless Driving Charge with substantially less consequences as my DUI charge would have been. Needless to say the entire experience has "scared me straight" and I would never drink and drive again if drink at all! Dallas was always straight with me and kept the worst possible scenerio at the forefront of my mind and when I recieved a letter from the Department of Licensing that all charges had been dropped against me I just couldn't believe my good fortune. Now was the next test of the criminal charges. Somehow Dallas was able to come to an understanding with the prosecutor and my charge was reduced to a reckless driving ticket which itself had some pretty stiff penalties but nothing compared to the original charge. It felt like a miracle. In fact it was. Dallas was great to work with and very personable. Though he kept me abreast of the severity of the charges and possible consequences he always seemed to inspire confidence regardless of the outcome. I just felt the entire time that I had the best possible person in my court. The fact is, even if the outcome was not as favorable as it ended up being for me, I couldn't think of another attourney I would have represent me. Just an amazing experience all the way around and the result being a reduced charge and a changed man all at the same time. Thank you Dallas.

  • Excellent representation in time of need.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Seth

    Dallas showed a very knowledgeable understanding of the law and how it pertained to my case and was able to point out many small details in the police report that I thought was routine paperwork. He was able to point out discrepancies without disrespecting the letter of the law or those attempting to enforce it. He was very honest with me and about the probable outcome of my case, and to be honest it looked bleak on a statistical viewpoint. That did not in any way prevent him from presenting my case as though he knew we were in the right and would win. He remained personable yet professional in my communications with him and was very timely to let me know updates and outcomes every step of the way. I would and have recommended Dallas Cooney to anyone I know that may need legal assistance. By the way, we won.

  • Great job!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Did a great job on my DOL hearing! Very favorable outcome!

  • Excellent results!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I hired Dallas Cooney for a ticket I got. I found Dallas to be very informative and helpful regarding my concern that may affect my driving record. Not only did Dallas get it dismissed, but took care of my matter in a very short time. Although it has been a few years since Dallas got my ticket was dismissed, I have gone to him for advice on several occasions since and would highly recommend Dallas Cooney for any legal matter.

  • Great Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Conor

    I can't recommend this man enough. He helped me get through a difficult time and was able to win a case for me that I thought was a lost cause. Because of him, I was able to keep my license and continue going to school. If you're looking for a great lawyer that will do everything he can for you, Dallas is your man.