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Harberd v. City of Kettle Falls, 120 Wash.App. 498 (2004)

Case Conclusion Date: 01.15.2004

Practice Area: Government

Outcome: SJ upheld on appeal

Description: James and Fumiko Harberd (collectively Mr. Harberd) filed a damages claim against the City of Kettle Falls (City) contending the City reneged on an agreement to let Mr. Harberd hook up his proposed out-of-town housing lots to the City's water system. The trial court granted the City's motion for summary judgment. Mr. Harberd does not renew his injunctive relief arguments here, thus they are abandoned. State v. Noah, 103 Wn.App. 29, 41 n. 3, 9 P.3d 858 (2000), review denied, 143 Wn.2d 1014 (2001). After analyzing remaining issues regarding claim filing, statute of limitations, contract, and estoppel, we affirm.

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