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Mark Richard Iverson

Mark Iverson’s Legal Guides

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  • Guardianship of a Minor

    How can you become a guardian of a minor child? A non professional guardian must take an online course prior to filing a petition for guardianship and in Spokane County must take an additional course at the Spokane County courthouse prior to being appointed guardian. There is no ...

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  • Guardianship

    A guardianship action is filed for a number of reasons. Any time there is a person who is incapacitated and requires a competent adult to make medical or financial decisions on that persons behalf, guardianship is an option. Any perso...

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  • Adult Adoption

    In a family where a step-father has raised children to the age of majority, the children, now adults, may desire to formally recognize the parent/child relationship with their step-father by completing an adult adoption. The formal ad...

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  • Foster Care Adoption

    The state of Washington removes children from their mother or father when the children are at risk of harm. The child is then placed in a foster home. The parents of the child are offered services in the hope of reuniting the child with...

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  • Agency Adoption

    There are a number of different agencies which provide a wide range of adoption services. For infant adoption, most agencies practice openness and have the birthparent(s) select the adoptive parents andmeet with them. The adoptive par...

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  • International Adoption

    There are a number of different agencies throughout the United States which place babies and older children from foreign countries with couples in the United States. Each agency has its own requirements. For instance, ...

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  • Private Adoption

    In a private adoption (also known as an independent adoption), prospective adoptive couples are matched with a birthmother.

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  • Step-Parent Adoption

    The traditional step parent adoption involves a woman who has remarried and has a child (or children) from a previous relationship. The same process is followed when the stepmother of a child wishes to adopt. When there is little or no...

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