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Eric B Whiting

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  • Our home was foreclosed on & sale date set. The IRS has tax lien on our home (1040). What happens to the tax lien? (See detail)

    We got hit with unusual income years ago and we still owe IRS back taxes & they filed a lien. Our house was foreclosed on and sale date is set. We owe much more than home is worth/will sell for at auction. The banks mortgage is deemed superior to ...

    Eric’s Answer

    After a foreclosure sale of the property, the IRS's lien on the house is extinguished, however, the IRS retains a right of redemption for 120 days after the sale. This means that the IRS can choose whether to purchase the house from the successful bidder for the price paid at auction by the bidder. If the IRS does redeem and then is able to sell the house for an amount that exceeds the redemption price, the amount over the redemption price, minus costs, will be used to reduce your tax liability. If they don't redeem in the 120 days, the IRS will have to pursue your other property to satisfy the tax owed.

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  • How does a beneficiary on a will request inventory, appraisal, and financial records regarding an estate?

    I am a beneficiary on a will along with a sibling whom is personal representative. The will was read in court and the personal representative was appointed. I had no knowledge of the hearing. It has been over 2 years since the death. I have only b...

    Eric’s Answer

    There is not a certain legal form that is required to request an inventory and appraisement from the Personal Representative ("PR") other than it needs to be in writing. Under Washington law, the PR is required to furnish you (the beneficiary) with the inventory and appraisement within ten days of receipt of the request. A simple letter sent by certified mail should be sufficient.

    If you would like to be better informed going forward, I would recommend that you file a request for special notice of proceedings. You should look at RCW 11.28.240 for more on this request.

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