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Patrick Owen Earl

About Patrick Earl

About me

Picture 1:  This is my Mother and 4 brothers.  Not pictured is my Dad, Ken (deceased), oldest sister Tami (deceased) and another sister Johnna (N/A that day).  We all lived here in Moses Lake, WA for years. L to R  Thomas, Douglas, LuDeen, David, Jeffrey and Me-Patrick.


Picture 2:  My wife and 5 kids. L-R front: Riley and Dylan, back: Cassidy, McKayla, Me, Lori (beautiful wife) and Jordan.  


Picture 3:  Family a few years ago.


I love to watch and play sports.  I played HS basketball and football. Church league softball and city.  Was honored to play football at BYU from '84 - '86. 


I am an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and so is my wife and kids.  We love to spend time together and to prove that we took a 8500 mile road trip this summer in an RV.  We drove from Moses Lake, WA to New Jersey and back in 15 days.  Saw Mt. Rushmore, hometown of Laura Ingalls Wilder, Downtown Chicago, New York City-Manhattan (2 Broadway plays), Niagra Falls, NY, Palmyra, NY, Kirtland, OH, Nauvoo, IL and Winter Quarters, NB.  We had 7 - 8 people in the RV and love every minute of it.

Photos and Videos

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