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Laura L Mancuso

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  • Still Paying for Her Mistakes 8 Years Later

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    I used her 8 years ago and i'm still paying for how terribly she handled my case. Her poor defense has left me with baggage that I just can't get rid of. Not to mention she can never be reached. Just so everybody knows, 8 years ago after worked her magic with the prosecutor who actually believed my innocence, i talked to him for about 15 minutes and got the conditions of Laura's plea basically cut in half.

  • good attorney

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Tina

    Laura did a great job finishing up my case. The attorney she replaced had cost me a lot of extra money. Laura kept me informed and had good experience in family law. The staff in her office were always willing to answer my questions and help when needed. I would retain her again if I needed an attorney.

  • Superior Service And Results!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    I had the honor of having Laura Mancuso represent me on a driving while suspending charge, she worked closely with me and kept me well informed every step of the way. I ended up getting a second DWS charge while court was pending, she got that taken care of with the original at no extra charge. Should the need arise I will be more than happy to utilize her services in the future and highly recommend her to anyone seeking help with traffic related offenses.

  • Very unorganized and unprofessional attorney and law firm….RUN the other way!!

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    Laura Mancuso is the worst representation that you could ever find. They may seem okay up front, however, trust me…in no time at all, the mistakes will start pouring in, along with excuses and then finally, lies to cover them all up. Laura made too many mistakes to count, that cost me not only thousands of dollars, but more importantly crucial decisions that were ruled in a way that is not in the best interest of my children…not because the ruling was just, but merely because Laura failed to bring them up in the timeframe that she should have (per our Judge). Then, when the final bill came, and I tried to discuss the mistakes with her, she tried to downplay them and made promises to me that she would credit my bill; only to leave the firm and therefore, (conveniently) not have to deal with it anymore. Now I am stuck with an enormous bill, full of charges for countless mistakes that she made, along with an offer for settlement on my account that was apparently not approved by the firm. Now, Marsh Higgins Beaty & Hatch is refusing to honor her settlement offer, that is IN WRITING, and is also unwilling to credit my account for the mistakes she made and the promises she made in regard to making the credits. All I get is a conversation with an office lady about my account, and none of the partners will even take my call. They are adamant about me either paying it off, or they will send it to collections.
    Do NOT hire any attorneys from the law firm, and whatever you do, do not hire Laura Mancuso to represent you. You will end up with a law firm &/or attorney that never has time for you, gets your story all wrong, is so unorganized they can't remember already getting paperwork from you, and also someone who fails to serve the opposing party when they were supposed to (& when they say that they did) while then not realizing they didn't truly serve the other party the important documents until 3 months later in court, and then gossiping and talking nasty about how her office staff and assistant are the worst people to work with because they "don't do anything right."
    Aside from very poor representation, that actually hurts your case rather than helps it, you will also get the worst customer service and communication. When an attorney was apparently fired from the firm, and there are complaints about said attorney, you would think that the firm would be apologetic and actually TALK to the prior clients that Laura had (& who are left with large bills full of countless mistakes), however, all you get from this firm is disrespect, insults, and an unwillingness to even have a conversation.
    My advice, RUN to another attorney office, and make sure it is not one that Laura Mancuso works at currently. Or, represent yourself…you'll end up with a far better result than you would by trusting this law firm or Laura Mancuso.
    We have hired many family law attorneys over the past ten years (we've moved a bit), and none of the attorneys, or office staffs have ever been remotely close to being as unorganized, unprepared, uncompassionate, disloyal, or disrespectful as this firm. Truly a letdown…

  • Review

    1.0 star

    Posted by Tye

    Are you thinking or hiring Laura? DON'T...she got me into MORE TROUBLE. There are a lot of attorneys in Vancouver...try Larry Merrifield.

    I am a health insurance broker and I have to drive (up and down I-5) quite a bit for busines. I got a speeding ticket in early Spring outside Vancouver, WA on my way back from Hood River to see a client.

    I can't afford a spike in my insurance so I went to Google to find a speeding ticket lawyer (my first mistake). MARSH HIGGINS was advertising and I called in...the woman taking my call made it sound like LAURA MANCUSO really knew her stuff. I sent them $250...the told me not to worry about going to court...I live in Tacoma.

    Weeks go by and I check my mail. I had a FAILURE TO APPEAR! WHY???! Because LAURA MANCUSO FAILED TO APPEAR!

    According to Laura had a scheduling mishap and filed to continue my case and the judge decided to punish her by punishing me.

    When I called Laura about this (yes I had to call HER...she AVOIDS conflict...yep...she is a lawyer I checked) she acted like I was bothering her.

    Instead of handling my situation she said she was going to be in court the next day for another matter...and would TRY to talk to the judge.

    When I called her the next day after not hearing from her at all. She said, "Ya...I saw the judge but she wouldn't even look at me.". NICE...VERY reassuring.

    She told me that she was busy with another case and that I should take the fee she returned and use it to PAY THE FAILURE TO APPEAR!

    So...really? Paying the failure to appear because she failed to appear.

    What about my speeding ticket? Is that an admission of guilt?

    She was too busy to deal with my stuff and told me that she would do something about it the next week...and to back off.

    EVERY attorney I talked to said she should have been down at the courthouse the next day to at least TRY to rectify the situation.

    I ended up paying $500 for a new attorney, Larry Merrifield...AWESOME...who was able to have the Failure to Appear thrown out because of Laura's negligence...AND he beat the speeding ticket.

    Did I mention I had to take a day off work and travel to Vancouver for court!

    Thanks Laura! You are awesome...all of this because of your mistake.

    Just recently I went to contact Laura about paying for Larry's fee...since it was ALL HER MISTAKE. I think she was fired from Marsh Higgins because they wanted nothing to do with her and she is NOW with another law firm in Vancouver...bouncing around...burning bridges.

    I don't blame them...I would fire her too...I DID fire her. Just a matter of time before her new firm Johnson & Associates, P.C. does too I'm sure.

    Good thing there are LOT of bridges in Laura's area because she is going to need a lot of fuel.

    I finally tracked down Laura and found out that she had hosed some other people that day with her negligence...she touches SO many lives. :) DO NOT hire her...she's quite irresponsible and when she is...she doesn't like to hear about it.

    She refuses to pay for her mistakes citing the fact that she was GOING to do something about it.

    Sorry Laura...based on your track record and several days of doing nothing...AND a judge that doesn't like you...I had to pull the plug....AND bite the bullet.

    Vote no on LAURA MANCUSO...if you value yourself.

    She sent me an email talking about how she is now with a firm who values I wonder if she told them about this stuff...or the other stuff that made Marsh Higgins pass on her services.

    Ok...DON'T HIRE LAURA...unless you don't have enough drama in your life...because she will bring it.

  • NOT good.

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    I came to her and at first she was very knowledgeable. She came off as a strong person. I paid her. Then She rarely EVER responded to me. She wasn't confident at all with the case. I always had to go through Jody her assistant and had to do things myself. She did nothing positive for my case. I did everything on my own and I came to her at a time where I couldn't do anything because I just had major surgery less than a week before I hired her and she had me running around doing all these things with a open wound from my midline stomach down to the bottom with staples that was holding me together when I payed her specifically so I wouldn't have to do that. Also I payed more out of pocket because these things she wanted me to do cost more money. I would be very careful when hiring her. I gave her my savings for nothing. :(

  • Excellent service and results

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Greg

    Not only did Laura get my ticket dismissed, she has done the same for my father, brother, and colleague no less than a total of 6 times! I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

  • Fantastic Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Laura Mancuso helped my husband and son who both recieved tickets within weeks of each other. She was completely professional, always kept us informed and went above and beyond to close the cases favorably. Very creative thinker. I would definitely recommend Laura if you get into a legal bind.

  • Superior Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Laura Mancuso has helped me many times with various legal problems. She has always been extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy, responsive, courteous, and empathetic. She has always kept me informed.
    If the problem I had was not in her field of expertise, she would refer me to someone who could help me.

  • Professional and Effective

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Laura handled two very different types of cases for me, and used exactly the right approach both times. She is honest, professional and highly effective. I highly recommend her practice if you need an attorney.