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Meredith McKell Graff

Meredith Graff’s Legal Guides

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  • Reiki Energy Healing and Divorce

    Besides being a lawyer, I am a Reiki Master. Rei-ki literally means "spirit directed, life-force energy." The "ki" in Reiki is the same as the 'gi" in "Gigong," or the "ki" in Akido." It is "chi" in the practice of "Fong Shui." The energy is "shared," that is, one who is attuned,...

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  • How to Waste Money in a Divorce!

    Movies about Fighting Couples Divorcing is the Model of Divorce for Many People! People still remember the mom in Kramer v. Kramer, standing outside the fence at her son's school, watching him play a

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  • What To Do If You Can't Afford a Lawyer to Represent You

    Find a Lawyer Who Coaches People to Represent Themselves Many states allow attorneys to offer "unbundled" legal services. This is like all the tasks of a lawyer are broken out so a client can select

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  • How to Cope Emotionally During Your Divorce

    Hire an attorney to either represent you or coach you through the process. Many people get themselves in hot water because they don't want to spend the money on a lawyer. A wise person said that one

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