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Meredith McKell Graff

About Meredith Graff

About me

I have four grown children and went through a divorce and later, a custody case, when my children were young. I did not prevail due to the disparity in finances between the parents and I became a non-residential parent. I understand how that feels and also know that a highly contested litigation hurts everyone, but mostly the children. I encourage peaceful resolution whenever possible and believe that settling is better than going to trial in 90% of cases.  Studies have shown that people are more likely to follow court orders when the orders were the result of agreement, rather than a judge's decision.  I believe it is important to support my clients' right to settle their cases in the way that works for each one of them, rather than imposing my opinion or possible court judgment on them.

I have been married 20 years to my best friend, Gene.  Gene joined me as partner on March 1, 2011, fulfilling our goal of having a law practice together that we made in 1994 when we decided to both change careers and go to law school.

We bring our Westies, Fiona and Fergie, to work with us everyday. Both Westies love  kids and enjoy helping our clients feel less stressed while they are going through the process of their legal matter.  We also love children and have kids' DVDs, books, toys, and coloring books when our clients don't have child care on days they have to visit their lawyers.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and a poet. I have a masters degree in creative writing/poetry and enjoy writing generally.  I love to make natural stone jewelry and hope to get a rock tumbler and stone cutter one of these days.  Reading is my favorite thing!


Just for Today:

I will not anger; I will do my work honestly; I will not worry; I will live the attitude of gratitude; I will show love and respect to every living thing. 

Reiki Morning Affirmation that I say daily.  Written by Mikao Usui, first Reiki Master.


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