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William Delmar Robison

William Robison’s Legal Guides

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  • The Blind lady with no driver's license can't be 100% at fault, right? Before you give a statement

    Imagine the shock of having a driver so blind she cannot obtain a driver's license suddenly turn in front of you on a major thoroughfare and slams into your car. Imagine the even greater shock when the adjuster from the insurance carrier that covers the car she drives tells you t...

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  • A quick tip on Rental Cars-Don't get cheated

    Three times this week a Vancouver Washington resident whose full sized car or van was damaged has told me they are being told by the at fault driver's insurance company that they must accept a sub-compact while their car is repaired. DON'T BELIEVE THE LIE. Don't let the insuranc...

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  • Washington Auto Insurance Starting Your PIP Claim

    Report the collision Contact your insurer or agent and obtain the proper forms to submit your PIP claim. If you are off work obtain a disability slip from your doctor and income verification (pay stu

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