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Matthew M Cohen

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  • How much time

    my husband hurt me and is now in jail waiting to see a judge how much time will he get if any

    Matthew’s Answer

    Each case is different and you should seek an attorney's input on safety issues like this.

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  • As a Respondent in a dissolution matter that just got served with a Notice to Set Trial, should I file a response?

    I am in Washington State and going through a dissolution. I am representing myself. I have filed the response. I received his proposal for the final decree, parenting plan, etc. Did not agree with it and sent him a revised version in return. ...

    Matthew’s Answer

    First, A Notice to Set for Trial must be objected to within 10 days of receiving it. However, practically speaking, this document will trigger the court to go ahead and determine the date of your mandatory settlement conference. The most important thing in my opinion, is that you get as much of your discovery completed (that is, if you have served the opposing party with Interrogatories and Requests for Production).

    In general, the reason a person would object to one of these, is that they believe that the requested discovery they have asked of the other party won't be completed in time for the Settlement Conference in a few months. It looks like you asked this question 16 days ago, so if you have not started your discovery process-start it as soon as possible. The opposing party will have about 30 days to answer your questions and produce what you request.
    (ie asking the opposing party to answer questions under penalty of perjury, or asking the opposing party to produce certain documents like hidden bank statements etc...within those 30 days) I hope this helps.

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  • Unbundling help for pro se in Family law litigation?

    In the middle of litigation for my parenting plan modification, I am suddenly without representation. I'd like to try to finish this pro se, I believe that if my side of the issue were heard, that I could disprove a lot of the oppositions case. ...

    Matthew’s Answer

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    I am unable to speak on behalf of other attorneys, but I am aware of what it means to provide "unbundled legal services" if this is what you are referring. However, to help you more with your question, I would need to know more about your case to truly be able fully answer your question.

    I think Avvo is informative, and Avvo is a great place to start your search for answers on your problems that you are now facing.

    Good luck and don't be discouraged, you are going through a hard time and it would be hard for anyone, period.

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