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  • Family Law in Washington State: Parenting Plans 101

    The Purpose of a Parenting Plan The toughest part of a divorce, legal separation, or parentage case is the effect it has on children. Washington law requires that either parents agree to or the court order a plan for raising their children with a focus on the childrens best inter...

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  • Family Law: Opposing a Relocation of Children in Washington State

    The Other Parent of your Children is Planning to Move Away The other parent of your children has informed you that he or she is planning to move away. If the proposed move is a long distance move, it will potentially have a profound impact on your relationship with your kids. But...

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  • Family Law: Proposing a Relocation With Children in Washington State

    The Other Parent Has a Right to Notice of Your Intent to Relocate With Your Children You have just decided you want to move. Perhaps your employer has asked you (or your spouses employer has asked him/her) to relocate, or even told that you have to relocate in order to keep your ...

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