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Margaret H. Brost

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  • Many promises & not one achieved. I've had 2 Lawyers in the past & Ms. Brost & her Staff is by far the worst YET I paid WAY more

    1.0 star

    Posted by Cindy

    If your like me you read reviews to help make your decisions. That is exactly why I am taking the time to write this.

    Many reviews stated that Ms. Brost would cut them off in conversations. I thought heck, she just wants to get to the point and there's nothing wrong about an aggressive Lawyer. In fact, that's what we're all mostly looking for. Thing is, Ms. Brost cuts you off simply bc she doesn't want to hear what you have to say. She is highly unprofessional.

    When I hired her she was told that she would deal ONLY with me unless it was absolutely as my husband works full time and I am a stay at home mother. I've previously done this with 2 other Lawyers and had no issues. Ms. Brost assured me that was no issue at the initial consult. I also gave her lots of documentation BUT she refused most of it stating that "if she needed it, she would let me know". Turns out for her staff to take in the initial paperwork is a fee BUT when they call it's a fee AND then when they enter it -yep there's a fee!

    I figure that cost me about an extra $200 just right there.

    Then the very next day she calls my husband over trivial things and has him come in. We realized later that she was delaying a meeting between the 2 parties bc she wanted them to go to court.

    After my husbands encounter w/her he was shocked bc she was calling our sons Mom names. We don't curse and not once did Ms. Brost curse in my presence but did in my husbands. But why? Very unprofessional.

    At one point I told Ms. Brost that she needed to speak w/me and she informed me that there was a privacy issue. Hmmm...

    Then at court she threw my husband under the bus. See, our sons Mother is Bi-Polar and we have tried working w/her for countless years. She only knows one way- hers:(. But she stated that "she didn't understand why we were even in court, they should seek couples therapy".

    Thing is Ms. Brost would have her staff call me about the bill. She wouldn't of course.

    Bottom line, not one thing promised was delivered. More Child Support & extra-curricular activities to pay: as well as Car Insurance AND Braces that could've been TRIPLE COVERED for zero OOP expense!

    Go with another Lawyer that will listen AND not cut you off, do most OR at least some of what they promise, are professional, AND you can get them for HALF THE PRICE!!

    Hired attorney
  • Relatable, trusting and caring

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Heather

    Margaret Brost is a perfect mix of relatable, caring and confident. She took the time to listen to my concerns and was able to help me understand what was best for my situation. She knows what she is doing and looks out for the best interested of her clients. Margaret went above and beyond to help me in my case. She consistently kept me up to date on my case. Thank you Margaret for all you have done for me.

  • Fantastic Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Walter

    I came to Margaret with a complex divorce situation involving child custody/visitation/support which originated in CA (my residence) and, subsequently, transferred to WA state jurisdiction (ex-wife's residence) on technicalities discovered by my ex-wife's attorney after 5 1/2 years of dealings through the CA court system. I needed a "great" attorney...and I received one in Margaret Brost. Her knowledge of Washington State Family Law is superior. From the initial consultation to the final judgment, Margaret and her professional staff guided me through the process thoroughly while clearly explaining my legal options along the way. I can't thank you and your staff enough, Margaret!
    Bottom line...If you're looking for the BEST representation, look no further than Margaret Brost.

  • Excellent service.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bittu

    I have gone through three lawyers in my one divorce case and Margaret has provided excellent experience, knowledge and follow through. Margaret has take quick and strong action with the court to have successful outcomes in my case. Margaret will go out of her way for her clients. I would highly recommend hiring Margaret as your attorney.

  • Excellent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by AMP

    Choosing Margaret to represent me during my divorce and custody case was the best decision i have made. :-) Margaret cares about her clients, she always gave me good advise and was available when needed. Her office staff is great too. I worked closely with Molly and it she was always very responsive and nice. I will definitively continue to recommend Margaret to my friends and fam.

  • Want to win the right way?

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I originally found Margret Brost through Joint Base Lewis-McChord legal services (JAG) as a recommended civilian attorney in 2009. Margret has represented me several times since in family law issues. I will never use another attorney for family law unless she retires.

    Margret is extremely skillful; each time she represented me I was able to maintain excellent protections for my child and myself in the final legal documents. She is a powerful negotiator and has an outstanding knowledge of the law. Further she has an excellent network within the family law field ranging from counselors, guardian ad litems etc.

    As her client, she will tell you what is needed in order to make sure you are in the right. This is a stark contrast from sleazy attorneys who will let you look like a fool in front of the Judge by telling you that you are 100% right to begin with. Margret's guidance will set you on the right track for what is the best interest of your children, you and your case. You may not like it at the time, but she is doing it in your interests and the end results will speak for themselves.

    Margret is an extremely busy attorney but her staff all are all appropriately helpful, providing information or getting you in touch with Margret when you need her. I am happy to recommend her for your family legal needs.

  • Determined and Dedicated

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nick & Raven

    Since walking into Margaret's office, we felt a sense of security. It's something about just "knowing" when you have come to the right place, that makes you feel that sense of ease, especially during a time as difficult as needing an attorney in the first place. Margaret is professionally stern with her clients, and puts them in their place for the betterment of each situation. She does not beat around the bush, wasting people's time. She gets down to business immediately, and effectively starts working on your case as soon as you hire her. She is knowledgeable about the laws and uses her best judgment on deciding the route to take in each situation. She offers encouragement and resources when needed and what we truly admire most about her is that she genuinely "cares." In our past experiences with Family Law attorneys, we have been taken for a ride with our money, emotions, hopes, and energy. It has been discouraging. A lot of attorneys claim to "care" about your situation, and you really want to believe that they have your best interest at heart; however, our 3 former attorneys seemed to have gone out of their way to disprove their own claims of caring for our needs. Not Margaret (and her staff), they are committed to the needs and emotions of our family during the difficult process that lies in front of us. We always walked away feeling relieved. Even when I could have used a bit of "sugar coating" to our situation, she refrained from "blowing smoke," but she vowed to fight for us, because she knew that our case has sought justice for many years, but to no avail. She promised a difficult ride, never ensuring 100% success, but always promised to fight to the end. She was very upfront, open, honest, and used her time efficiently. Her staff (Mollie) keeps the line of communication open and is very prompt in replying to any questions/concerns that we have had. Overall, I am very satisfied with our decision to hire Margaret and The Brost Law Firm. It was an investment worth making. It's never cheap to retain an attorney, but Margaret truly works with you, as she fully understands the economic hardships that has plagued this nation. I'd really like to say thank you for everything you have done for our family. We really appreciate it! I would definitely recommend Margaret Brost and The Brost Law Firm to ANYONE!!

  • Beyond an Attorney - Experienced Professional & Compassionate Advocate

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Ms. Brost helped me during the hardest time of my life. Her diverse and impressive professional background and training make her a particularly unique attorney as she draws from knowledge and experience far beyond law. In addition to her law expertise she has a thorough understanding of people and human behavior, which translates to the ability to help you work through the stress and difficulties of personal situations. She helped me find my voice and was a true partner in advocating for my son’s well being. Ms. Brost was not only there for me as an attorney, but also as someone who understood what I was suffering personally with my divorce and her compassion was invaluable. Above all she was a creative problem-solver focused on positive results who demonstrated strong personal and professional character as well as an ethical framework not typically associated with attorney stereotypes. Ms. Brost is a good listener, a gifted communicator and met me at my level in terms of helping me to understand options and make informed decisions. Over the years since my divorce I have contacted her at times with questions or concerns and she has continued to be the consummate coach and professional. I would recommend Ms. Brost without hesitation to anyone!!

  • My Experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bill

    Wow...I wish I had found Margaret from the beginning of my divorce. As it was, I didn't realize how poor my first attorney was until it was too late and my divorce was finalized.
    Two years later changes needed to be made and I found Margaret purely by accident. From our first meeting I knew I had found a straight up, no-nonsense, honest attorney. She guided me through the necessary trials and tribulations and we reached the desired outcome without a long, protracted court battle.
    Since that time I've recommended Margaret to several people and will continue to do so.