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Margaret H. Brost

Margaret Brost’s Legal Guides

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  • How can you protect yourself and your children when your spouse is abusive?

    The most important first step for anyone in an abusive relationship is to get very clear that being abused is not ok with you. Getting to that point is often the hardest thing for a victim to do. While there may indeed be reasons why someone is being abusive of you, a reason is n...

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  • Should you agree to a 50/50 parenting plan?

    Not without first talking to an attorney. There are a number of issues related to such a parenting arrangement, but I am only going to discuss three. The first has to do with the trouble it may cause for your children. The last two, child support and relocation, create the most l...

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  • Do you need a lawyer?

    Not necessarily, but you do need legal advice, even if you believe that an agreement can be reached. Even if you have reached an agreement, you need legal advice before you sign off on either a joinder to the petition or the final documents.Often cost is a major consideration and...

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