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Frank Edward Morris

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  • I was wondering if this case could be a malpractice case?

    My late husband, diagnosed with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in May of last year (2010), went to his primary care physician on January 27, 2011 and was immediately sent to the hospital via ambulance with internal bleeding. All blood levels were extr...

    Frank’s Answer

    The law controling medical negligence claims vary significantly between each state. You will need to contact an attorney in Nevada that has experience in evaluating medical negligence claims. They will need to obtain an opinion form a likekind doctor. The only basis for a medical malpratice claim is a failure to follow the accepted standard of care. Only a likekind doctor can testify as to the standard of care, and the failure to follow it. The doctor's defense will be that he was exercising a medical judgement, and the standard of care did not require a scan.

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