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Edward Balloch DeBray

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  • Legal Advice on Arrested for shoplifting theft of $50-$500 while on defered adjudication for the same offense Theft $50-$500

    what to expect for Olympia, Wa. Legal Advice on Arrested for shoplifting theft of $50-$500 while on defered adjudication for the same offense Theft $50-$500 (what to expect) court date June 27, 2012 please make it so i have no jail time im making...

    Edward’s Answer

    What to expect? Worst-case scenario would be two convictions with significant jail time. Your making payments on fines helps but is no guarantee. Even if a jury were to acquit you of the new charges, you could still be revoked from your deferred adjudication.

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  • DWLS 3rd degree pre-trial...what should I expect?

    I have a pre-trial hearing in December for a DWLS 3rd. I have been unemployed during the past 2 years and had $2000 in tickets. I sold my car and paid off the tickets and my license has been reinstated. I have 2 prior DWLS 3rd degree charges durin...

    Edward’s Answer

    To begin with, you probably qualify for a court-appointed attorney. That should be your first step: ask the judge to appoint a lawyer to represent you. These matters are often dismissed if you are able to get your license back, but the exact mechanics of dealing with the prosecutor and judge are best handled by an attorney.

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  • What are my charges for illegal cockfighting

    i was arrested for illegal cockfighting had a search warrant will my home be seized

    Edward’s Answer

    This is an offense charged under RCW 16.52.117. I am only aware of civil forfeiture proceedings that are available to the government in drug and fish and wildlife cases, under chapters 69 and 77 of the RCW respectively.

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  • How do I handle juvenile rehabilitation reimbursement in Washington?

    i reside in Louisiana and my 16 year old son was with his mother in WA, and the state is coming after me for 1/4 of my m onthly income. How do i fight this?

    Edward’s Answer

    You should look at the provisions of RCW 13.16.085:

    In any case in which a child under eighteen years of age has been placed in any detention facility under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court, the court may inquire into the facts concerning the necessity or propriety of such child's detention notwithstanding the fact that such child may not have been found to be either a dependent or a delinquent child.

    The court may, either in the proceedings involving the question of dependency or delinquency of such child or in a separate proceeding, upon the parent or parents, guardian, or other person having custody of said child being duly summoned or voluntarily appearing, proceed to inquire into the necessity or propriety of such detention and into the ability of such person or persons to pay the cost of such detention.

    If the court finds that such detention was necessary or proper for the welfare of the child or for the protection of the community, and if the court also finds the parent or parents, guardian, or other person having the custody of such child able to pay or contribute to the payment of the cost of such detention, the court may enter such order or decree as shall be equitable in the premises, and may enforce the same by execution or in any way a court of equity may enforce its decrees.

    This leaves open the question of whether you would need to appear in court to ask the court to examine your financial circumstances or whether a lawyer would be able to appear for you without your presence.

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