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Timothy L. Healy

About Timothy Healy

About me

I am a winning criminal defense attorney with over twenty years of experience successfully representing clients charged with all types of criminal offenses.  I have helped numerous clients avoid conviction and incarceration and am proud of my consistent record of success.  My success stories include multiple cases of dimissals and not guilty verdicts on behalf of my clients.  I pride myself on my ability to save people's freedom, and even lives.


While I am often proud of our system of justice, at times I am shocked when people aren't defended well.  Things happen quickly in a courtroom.  Often, people wait to see what will happen or rely on overburdened public defenders or inexperienced lawyers and end up in jail or prison.  Hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney right away is an absolute necessity when your freedom is at stake.


Clients often ask me what the result of their case will be.  Much like a medical doctor or skilled surgeon, it is impossible to guarantee a specific result in any case.  However, I do guarantee everything will be done to obtain the best possible result in their case.  Everything will be done to ensure the wheels of justice don't roll over my clients, and I leave no stone unturned to defend them.


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