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Jason P Benjamin

About Jason Benjamin

About me

Welcome to my profile. I particularly welcome families who have emergency custody, domestic violence or restraining order issues. I can typically get appropriate orders within hours to protect you and/or the child(ren). Feel free to call after hours because I check my messages regularly.


I have spent the past 18 years of my legal career (since 1995) immersing myself in the intricacies of child custody cases. I have personally handled more than 1000 cases where child custody is at issue. I am in court almost every day effectively arguing these cases on behalf of my clients.


Child custody cases are particularly stressful for parents and for attorneys who are not comfortable practicing in this area of the law.


There is almost always strong emotion involved on both sides of the case and often these cases involve a mix of mental health, chemical dependency, abusive behaviors and/or domestic violence as well.


This is why child custody cases are some of the most challenging types of legal cases a lawyer can encounter. And, why it is so important that the attorney you choose is not only knowledgeable as to the law, but very comfortable in the courtroom. Judges often have very broad discretion in the area of child custody so it is important the attorney is aware of the various biases and proclivities of the particular judge hearing your case. For example, some judges are more acceptable of medical marijuana (or even recreational marijuana) and some judges are more amenable to 50/50 shared parenting arrangements than others.


I understand that child custody and divorce cases are some of the most stressful and trying times in a person's life. As such, I express a lot of compassion and empathy for my clients in these situations.


Even though I am a child custody lawyer, I handle all aspects of divorce, separation, relocation and child support.


Prospective clients occasionally ask me if my reviews are real.  My response is a resounding yes.  As a lawyer (unlike the local pizza parlour or dry cleaner), I would be subjected to serious sanctions by the Washington State Bar Association if I paid for reviews, had friend or family member impersonate a client for a review or put up a false review.  I can back up each and every review.  My clients are generally eager to tell other people who find themselves in a difficult or stressful case how to find me to help them. 

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