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J. Richard Mc Entee Jr.

About J. Mc Entee

About me

My Practice


I practice through a semi-virtual office.  I have a home office and contract with other providers as necessary. I answer my own phone and schedule my own appointments. I use technology as much as possible. This allows me to be consistently availalbe for my clients and to deliver the premium service that they deserve.


Service Delivery


I utilize email and electronic communication as much as possible to keep my clients up to date and to allow for document sharing and review.


Availability and Interaction


I am available by phone, email, text and video conference. I am also happy to meet in person. For in person discussions, I will typically suggest a coffee shop, library or other location that is convenient and comfortable but also appropriate for the nature of our discussion.


My clients' files are maintained digitally to the greatest extent possible.




By practicing this way, I truly enjoy my client interaction, the trust that they place in me and the work that I am allowed to do. 


I feel that this setup is creative and seems to work well. In practicing this way, I am able to keep costs down, minimize environmental impacts, and pass the savings to my clients.