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Philip Edward Thornton

About Philip Thornton

About me

If you are facing Criminal Charges, it is important to protect yourself by working with a knowledgeable and an experienced criminal defense lawyer. A criminal conviction can result in jail time, force you to pay restitution and give you a criminal record that may follow you for the rest of your life. I have been protecting the interest of the criminally accused for over 20 years in the Pierce, King and Thurston County areas.


I have represented clients at every level of crime in my over 20 years of experience; from misdemeanors to Aggravated Murder (death penalty) cases. I have represented clients in both State and Federal charges as well as charges originating in municipal court. No case is too small or too big when your liberty and life are at stake. I take my job of protecting your rights very seriously. I take pride in working hard and being thoroughly prepared for your case.


It seems like I have always wanted to be a lawyer.  I beelive it started when my mother and I together read the book “To Kill A Mockingbird”, I aspired to be a lawyer like “Atticus Finch.” As a child it amazed me that adults could be accused and convicted of crimes they did not commit. Now as a lawyer I have witnessed such travesties and I am committed to never let it happen to one of my clients. For as long as I can remember I had an affinity for the underdog and under protected.


For the past 20 plus years, I have focused my practice on representing persons accused of crime. I am a member of the Washington State Bar Association and am an active member in several professional associations, including the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Washington Death Penalty Assistance Center, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association and I serve as an Advisory Board Member to the Pierce County Department of Assigned Counsel. I am also a Board Member for the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.