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Michael John Fisher

About Michael Fisher

About me

When a loved one dies or is catastrophically injured , due to the fault of another person or company, monetary damages cannot bring them back or restore their health, but it can provide medical or other necessities and comforts of life to help face an uncertain future. While no lawyer can guarantee a result, I know what kind of dedication, hard work and resources it takes to successfully settle or try these types of cases.


Mike is a tenacious trial lawyer who puts every ounce of effort and enthusiasm possible into his work.  His approach to each project is thorough, exhausting all possible angles to a problem.  His legal research on a number of cases - from procedural issues to medical malpractice - is a trusted tool in the office. Mike has a unique understanding of the dynamics and strategies involved in preparing personal injury and wrongful death cases for trial in such a way that defendants often settle. "I can't let these people down," Mike says.  "These people are hard-working, sincere in their efforts and have had the worst of all things happen to them because of physical injuries or death.  Even in the era of 'tort reform,' I refuse to apologize for representing these people.  It's a privilege.  All I try to do is bring them back to as nearly as whole as possible within the bounds of the law, so they can rebuild their shattered lives.  Perfect justice would require the undoing of the tragedy that has visited my clients.  We all know, however, that that cannot be done, which is why the law requires that full compensation be paid,"  Mike said.  "I think I'm lucky to be doing positive things for so many people."

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