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  • Do I need DV Attorney?

    My wife and my mom were in a disagreement for the past few days.My mom was visiting us frm India for 4 months.This morning heated argument between the two and wife scolded mom to go back to India..but my mom replied she wont leave as she is stayi...

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    We handle many cases of this nature, and it is always wise to at a minimum consult an attorney and more often than not to hire an experienced attorney who you are comfortable with handling such a matter.

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  • I need to find a pitbull in a suit , charged w/a class c felony , no record , payments , unlawful possession & intent 2 deliver

    Was on school ( college ) grounds

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    Finding the right lawyer for you is important!!

    I was intending to answer a question, but I am not sure what you are asking. I would be happy to talk with you, get more specific information, and discuss your options. Let me know what works and how to contact you.

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  • First time DUI

    The police pulled me over after seeing that I came out of a bar. He told me he pulled me over due to a tail light being out. I did the field sobriety test and did good but he never told me if I passed or not. I refused to do the breathalyzer test ...

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    Your question is a difficult to answer. Every case is different. The outcome of a case depends on a lot of variables (police report, etc.) your best bet to find a good defense lawyer that can answer all your questions, present your case in the best possible manner to the prosecutor and the court, and be someone you trust.

    Did you refuse the portable breath test and/or the breath test at the police station? If you have any further question, we would be happy to assist you.

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  • Will i go to jail

    i recently found out that i ave a warrant(felony)because of checks that were writtem by me in 2007.The warrant has been on me since 2009.I am very scared.I dont have any other issues and never ave been in trouble with the law.if i go to quash the ...

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    When a person is charged with a crime the Court is allowed to place condition of release on that person. One of the main reason for condition of release are to ensure that the person shows back up to court. So if the Court believes that the person is not likely to show back up to the court, the judge can take that person into custody until the next court date or make them post bail to ensure they return.

    That being said it is well in the courts discretion to release somebody on their promise to return to court or to take them in custody. You have some good things about your case. The charge is from 4 years ago and the warrant is over two years old and during that time you have not been in any trouble. However, the court is going to want to know why there was a delay in taking care of the warrant. Did you know about the warrant in 2009 or did you somehow just find out about the warrant recently. I would contact the court and find out the procedure on quashing warrant and try to take care of this as soon as possible.

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  • My partner got a anti harassment restraining order on me, what can I do to prepare for court date that she is lying?

    My partner and I had a huge arguement.During the arguement as she was lying on the couch.I went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and slammed it on the table in front of her.Said, "If you kick me out, it will hurt" The knife I told her "represent...

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    It is difficult to tell from your question if the Order is an anti-harrassment or some other type of Order. I will answer the question assuming the Order is a temporary anti-harrassment Order and you are preparing for the hearing in which the Court can enter an Order effective for one (1) year or longer.

    The anti-harassment statute requires two (2) elements be present in order for the judge to grant the requested Order. The alleged conduct must be considered harassment and second, the alleged conduct must be a continuing course of conduct, not an isolated incident. I suggest you prepare for the hearing with those two elements of the statute in mind.

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