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Thomas Patrick Quinlan II

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  • Dont Waist Your Time, Unless you have money you dont need.

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    Anonymous review posted on

    Tom rates and fees are normal. I hired this attorney while in the middle of a lawsuit. I was switching attorneys because of a conflict of interest issue with my current attorney. When I switch to Tom, my previous attorney had drafted a complete Summary Judgment for the case. My case was very solid. My previous attorney had given him a list of issues left to complete and dead lines for various issues. Tom had promised that no only this Summary Judgment that was prepared would be filed but that he had others that he would file as well. After about two months of begging him to file this Summary Judgment, he starts looking to have supporting declarations made for the witnesses needed. His drafts of the declarations showed that he did not review the case sufficiently, and the wording used in them showed that he did not understand the survey terminology correctly. Consequently, the Summary Judgment fell to the ground. I was then coaxed into an arbitration meeting, after he promised that he would be asking for attorneys fees in the Settlement. At the arbitration, he dropped the request for attorneys fees, and never even asked for them, and then strong armed me into a terrible settlement. He new that I hated this settlement and I only signed it because the Summary Judgment was dropped by him. (He also lied to me about the Summary Judgment and said that he needed the declarations to file it, which is not true) Then after the settlement was over, it was supposed to filed with the court within five days. It was not filed for 47 days. He never informed me that this could be contested because of the court rules for settlements. Then when the settlement was to expire within 6 days of the 90day period, he snail mailed me a notice that there was to be a hearing about this settlement, and that he was not going to contest it, and that he was resigning as my attorney. This only gave me two business days to file an objection. I was without representation thanks to Tom.
    In addition, he was attempting to nickle and dime me for modifying emails that I had sent to the opposition and their attorneys. He claimed that he did not notice the Cc: on the emails. I had specially told him what I wanted him to do and not to do. He always did what I did not ask, and then refuse to do what I asked him do to, but only after lying to me first, and assuring me that he would do them.
    In summary, he clearly did more for the Plaintiffs benefit who were suing me, than he did for me. In fact, he did not do one thing in my favor as an attorney. And bare in mind, that I was not asking him to do anything unethical or improper/ How can anyone trust an attorney who does not keep his word, and does not work for the benefit of his client? I ask him for a complete refund of all the money that I paid him. He of course refused.

  • Client Review

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Tom has been my lawyer for several years. His down to earth, no-nonsense approach to legal practice is very much appreciated. Tom and his paralegal, Jennifer, are an amazing team. Highly recommended!