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Paul Alig’s Answers

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  • As an 18 year old living in washington state, what are my rights as a senior in highschool?

    Ive been 18 for 7 months, still live at home. Senior in highschool.

    Paul’s Answer

    Congratulations on turning 18! You now get to make all education related decisions about yourself. When you were a minor your parents had that responsibility. It might also interest you to know that in Washington State everyone has a constitutional right to receive a public education until they graduate high school or turn 21. Hopefully you are on track to graduate this year but if not; you may still have time. You should also know that graduation requirements in Washington include earning a base number of high school credits established by that state, plus potentially other credit requirements established by your school district. Additionally, students need to meet statewide assessment (testing) requirements and complete a cumulative project. Good luck!

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