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Jamie R Walker

About Jamie Walker

About me

I understand that in family law, clients need my immediate attention, time, answers, and ultimately, relief from their situation.  I know how to posture my cases for resolution, both inside and outside of the courtroom. I find that my willingness to go to court is often what can drive the settlement process with the other side. Whether we settle the case with the assistance of local mediators and arbitrators or in front of a judge, I use every asset at my disposal to gain a positive result as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Jamie believes the first step in any case is developing a strong, individualilzed strategy. With extensive experience in the Pierce and South King County courtrooms, Jamie is a strong litigator and well-versed at achieving success in the court. She finds this also gives her an edge at the negotiating table. In every family matter, Jamie also understands the importance of addressing both the client's case and their life beyond the case, to make certain that the desired outomce is both positive and practical.