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Heather Rogers Straub

About Heather Straub

About me

I have been a trial lawyer for about 11 years, and have over 15 years experience in the legal profession.  My practice focuses on criminal defense and military law.  I spend the majority of my time in courtrooms and at military boards, or at the office, working closely with my clients to achieve the best outcome for each individual.  I pride myself on my oral and written legal advocacy, and I have advanced training in negotiation and alternative dispute resolution.


Perhaps because of the long military background in my family, I especially enjoy fighting for my military clients and their families, but I work with clients from all walks of life and genuinely enjoy advocating for all of them. My clients appreciate that I am passionate about what I do and the fact that I am committed to fighting my cases in court, but also the fact that I'm a down-to-earth person they can relate to. Although I credit my Duke and UW educational background for develop my legal reasoning and writing abilities, what makes me a successful attorney is my hardworking attitude and my passion for defending people who are facing their toughest legal challenges. If you have any questions about my practice and how I can help you, please call or email me. I offer a free consultation to discuss your legal concerns.

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