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Elizabeth Rankin Powell

Elizabeth Powell’s Legal Guides

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  • How to Get Your Security Deposit Back in Small Claims in Washington State

    Know who you are suing. What is the Defendant's name and address? Is the Defendant a corporation? Or is the Defendant married? Find out before you go to the court to file this action. You can look u

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  • What is a Collaborative Divorce?

    Each party has an attorney. Each party has their own attorney with whom they can discuss - privately - their concerns and goals for the matter. The clients and the attorneys sign a four way agreeme

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  • How to Get Your Security Deposit Back

    Participate in the Creation of a Walk Through Checklist Sign and date it. Make a copy. If you can't find a copier take a photo with your phone. If the place is in bad shape, don't move in Unfortunat

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  • How to Enforce a Tenant Relocation Remedy in Washington

    Notify Your Landlord in Writing of the Substandard or Dangerous Condition Even if your landlord has personal knowledge of the problem, write to them at the address where you pay rent and notify them

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  • Renter's Rights to Foreclosed Properties in Washington State

    Don't take Legal Advice from Non-Lawyers, e.g. the Bank, or your Landlord 60-90 days after the Trustee's sale, the subsequent purchaser has standing to ask the local Superior Court to evict you. They

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