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Derek Michael Smith

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  • Firearms Law In Washington for Pre-1996 felony convictions

    In Washington State, if you are convicted of some misdemeanor offenses (Assault,Violation ofa No Contact/Protection/Restraining Order, Criminal Trespass First Degree, and Coercion)you lose your right to possess firearms until reinstated by a court of record. This process of reins...

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  • Three things not to do at your arraignment to ensure that you go home afterwards

    You would be amazed at the things that people do that get themselves taken into custody at their arraignment. Here are three things to do to ensure that this does not happen to you.

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  • 4 Reasons to get an attorney to help you with Protection Orders

    Whether you want to get a Protection Order or you are trying to fight a protection order being placed on you, you absolutely would benefit from having the assistance of having an attorney on your side when facing the court and explaining your request. Doing it yourself can be a recipe for disaster.

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  • Top three reasons to get an attorney to represent you in a Domestic Violence case

    Many people think there is no way they will be convicted of a crime of domestic violence and so don't think they need an attorney to help with their case. They are wrong. An attorney can help them in ways they aren't even aware of, and can make sure your rights are preserved and your case is heard

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  • Tips for dealing with suspended licenses

    Having your driver's license suspended makes so much of modern life difficult. Here are some tips that will help out in getting your license back.

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  • Some Practical Do's and Don'ts Involving Use of Deadly Force in Washington State

    I answered a question recently about deadly force and its use in Washington State. These are some dos and don'ts for those interested in that topic.

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  • Why you want an attorney to handle your drug asset forfeiture

    Got a notice that the City or State is going to try and forfeit your money or car or house pursuant to RCW 69.50.505? Many, many people choose to proceed without an attorney to try and recover their property. They almost always regret it. Here are three good reasons to get an attorney to help you.

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  • Does a victim need to "press charges" in Washington for a person to be charged with a crime?

    Often when victims of or defendants accused of domestic violence encounter police and prosecutors for the first time they are confronted with this fact, in Washington the prosecutor and not the victim is the person bringing the charges and the victim has little or no control over the case filing.

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