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Timothy Patrick Kelly

About Timothy Kelly

About me

I have been defending citizens accused of crimes in the Kitsap County area for 21 years.  I am as passionate and commited to this practice as I was the day I stepped into my first courtroom in November, 1990.  I do not have "cases", I have clients, each one with a unique set of life experiences and concerns.  Every one of my clients has my home phone number and cell phone number so that they can reach me at any time, for any reason.  In my practice, the client is the Boss.

I am connected to every component of the criminal justice system in Kitsap County.  I know every deputy prosecutor, most of the local police officers and all of the judges and court personnel.  While this does not necessarily guarantee a better outcome for my clients, it does open many doors and allows me to efficiently procure a positive outcome for the vast majority of my clients.  It also assists me in keeping my legal fees down.

I have represented more than 3,000 citizens accused of felony crimes, taking more than 150 to jury trials.  The charges have ranged from minor offenses such as auto theft and burglary to more serious crimes such as murder, robbery and rape.  I have defended one person charged with a capital murder and we were successful in persuading the jury not to impose the Death Penalty.  I have also represented more than 1,000 citizens accused of misdemeanors, taking dozens to jury trials.  The charges have predominantly been DUI's or Domestic Assaults. 

I look forward to hearing from you to see if I can assist you with your legal issues. 

Tim Kelly