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Ryan C Witt

Ryan Witt’s Legal Guides

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  • Is it legal for an Officer to pull you over if they are in an unmarked car in Washington State?

    The short answer: Yes. It is allowed by statute. Officers from all jurisdictions may pull you over when they are in an unmarked car. Washington State Patrol, County Deputies and Local Police Agencies

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  • Facebook

    Do Law Enforcement Agencies Look at Your Social Media? Short Answer: Yes! Do the Police Look at Your Social Media Accounts The Police look at the Facebook's of people that they have some suspicion abo

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  • Physical Control

    Physical Control is very similar to DUI, however there is a statutory defense to Physical Control which is not available in a DUI case. What is Physical Control In Washington State, the crime of Physi

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  • I've Been Trespassed From a Store. When Can I Go Back?

    The answer is based on whether or not a Court has "conditions of release" in place, and whether or not the store has "trespassed" you. When can I go back to a store after a shoplifting charge? When ca

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  • What Happens if I Refuse to Sign a Ticket?

    Short Answer: A person who has been stopped by law enforcement should sign the ticket or they can potentially face criminal charges. What happens if I refuse to sign a speeding ticket? Speeding ticket

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