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Richard Paul Patrick

About Richard Patrick

About me

Richard Patrick is a graduate of both Seattle University Albers School of Business and Seattle University School of Law.  He has decades of business and life experiences. Together,  with his formal education, he provides superior and sage counseling.


Litigation, negotiations, and legal maneuvering can be financially, and emotionally, costly. Richard strives to offer the highest quality of legal representation, at a reasonable cost, always mindful of the emotional toll legal processes can have on people.


Richard is tough and he prides himself on careful and thoughtful legal strategy. He is dedicated to his clients, and he leads the way with a calm, yet firm, plan. He isn’t going to waste time and money on theater and antics that may appear to have significant value in the beginning of your legal matter, but later are seen for what they are...antics that cost clients money for no or little return.


Before you waste your money, time, and emotions by hiring a “bull dog,” consider Richard Patrick. He will provide you with strong and committed direction. He will initially meet with you, for as long as it takes, to thoroughly discuss, understand, and explain your no cost.

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