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Ziad Iskandar Youssef

Ziad Youssef’s Legal Guides

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  • What The Judge Wants You To Know: BEFORE YOUR FIRST DUI HEARING

    DO YOU KNOW YOUR WAY AROUND A COURTROOM? Bellingham DUI Lawyer, Ziad Youssef, explains just a few ways to beat a DUI. AFTER A DUI ARREST, YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS VIDEO. And you can always Call Now: 360

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  • "How to Prepare For & React During a DUI Investigation" Part III

    The Car Ride Down ("Being Transported") The minute the officer says, "I'm placing you under arrest for DUI," and pulls the handcuffs off his utility belt, most people will go into a state of shock, b

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  • "How to Prepare for and React During a DUI Investigation" Part II

    Exiting the Vehicle Unhook your seat belt. Open your door slowly, and get out in one smooth motion. If you need some help getting out by using your door, be sure to push or pull, but don't lean. O

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  • "How to Prepare For & React During a DUI investigation" Part I

    Insurance & Registration Always have your Insurance and Registration within arms' reach; By the way, don't forget to make sure you have good tabs. License Put Your driver's license somewhere easy to

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