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Helping our client get the medical treatment she needs

Case Conclusion Date: 09.30.2009

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: $234,466.00 recovered

Description: On an icy January night, Mr. O'Brien was going too fast down the onramp to I-5 and lost control of his Ford Explorer. He ended up facing southbound in the northbound lane. At the time, his license had been suspended and he shouldn't have been driving in the first place. The car Nicolette was driving in was unable to avoid a collision. Nicolette injured her neck and tried everything her doctors recommended to get better. Unfortunately her neck did not heal and after further testing, it was determined that she would need surgery. What Nicolette didn't expect was for her health insurance company to refuse to approve the surgery. After calling and writing nearly every day for a few weeks, we were able to get the health insurance company to approve the surgery. We recovered the limits of all of the insurance money available, which was $203,360.00, plus a waiver of the $31,106.00 health insurance reimbursement claim, for a net benefit to Nicolette of $234,466.00. Harrington v. O'Brien (2009)

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